Implantology in Aleppo

Dr. Sabbagh Mohamed Ammar is a dentist specialized in implantology in Aleppo. Thanks to his skills, he always managed to distinguish himself in the dental field, becoming one of the best dentists in Italy and in Aleppo. If you need to replace your teeth with some dental implants, reach Dr. Sabbagh: his dental prosthesis offer an effective long-term solution not only for beauty concerns, but also they can solve discomfort related to chewing, replacing a damaged tooth. The Dr. Sabbagh’s implantology in Aleppo makes use of high technologies for his dental prosthesis: a titanium alloy screw replaces the natural root of the missing tooth; an abutment is applied to the implants inserted into the maxillary bones which supports the screwed or cemented crown. In this way, the tooth is totally recreated, from the internal structure to the external crown. The Dr. Sabbagh’s dental prosthesis stand out for their high resistance and quality, without giving up on the aesthetic appearance: with his implantology in Aleppo, you can give yourself a new beautiful smile that will look completely natural, since every implants are made according to the patient’s teeth. If you want to get in touch with Dr. Sabbagh, you can find his email address and his number in the section below. Enjoy your brand new smile!


Dental equipments in Aleppo

If you are looking for high quality dental equipments in Aleppo for your dental practice, you need to call Dr. Sabbagh. Thanks to his long experience in the orthodontics field, Dr. Sabbagh can provide you a huge range of the best instruments and modern equipments: with these ones, your diagnoses will be more accurate and your performance will greatly increase. They include tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore, and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures. The major advantage of Dr. Sabbagh’s dental equipments in Aleppo is the comparison between quality and cost: the provided instruments, made with the best materials, are highly innovative and follows modern technologies, and they’re sold for a very affordable price.

His supplying dental equipents in Aleppo will make your dental practice more advanced, reliable and successful: this is possible thanks to the continuous improvement and refinement of these products. If you want to see the entire dental equipments range and select the most suitable product as per your requirements, please get in touch with Dr. Sabbagh for a professional support: you can find his contact number or email address in the section below. Choose the best for your dental practice and start to work with technologies of the future!




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